Based in Raleigh, North Carolina

Founding date:
January, 2016


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Native, is a cartoon 2D survival side-scroller set in an alien rainforest with a couple twists. Unique features include a choose-your-own-loot system (no RNG!), minimalist UI, engaging combat (no hack-n-slash!), a simplified crafting system and an environment full of neon bioluminescence goodness. Many key gameplay mechanics are integrated with the environment or come in the form of audio queues forcing the player to be observant to become a true native of the forest.


Development for Native began in August 2014 after Troy Maynard completed college. Streaming the process under Twitch's game development category started at the same time. Almost everyday of development has been streamed since and has built a small following on twitch. Native's first show was Playthrough GC in February 2016 then ECGC in April 2016. It will be showing as a finalist at Momocon this year in May 2016, the Kickstarter is going to be launched on the first day of the show, May 26th 2016 with the initial goal of $10,000. If the Kickstarter is successful a Steam Early Access release will be planned for January – February of 2017 with roughly double the amount of content that is in the current demo. There will be some major stretch goals if it exceeds expectations.

Awards & Recognition

  • "Momocon Indie Award Showcase Finalist" - Georgia, May, 2016

Development Streams
Trickeri (Troy)
Okaymax (Max)


Troy Maynard (Trickeri)
Game Design, Everything

Max Mayhew (Okaymax)
Artist, Programmer, Web Dev

Adam Lee

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